Incorporated in 1972, Arctic Co-ops is a service federation governed by and designed for 33 community owned, democratically controlled businesses in the Arctic.  The federation allows Co-ops to consolidate their business purchasing power and maximize the value they can offer their own local Members in communities across Canada’s Arctic territories. 

 Arctic Co-ops strives to be subject matter experts in business to help guide the Member Co-ops in their processes and enjoy financial profitability. Our support divisions include:  Executive and Governance & Member Relations, Human Resources, Finance, Stakeholder Relations, Operations, Innovation & Infrastructure and Merchandising & Logistics.

Guided by the seven Co-operative Principles and our established Vision and Mission statement, Arctic Co-ops strives to ensure the organization works collaboratively and consistently towards the organizations strategic plan effectively and efficiently in the effort to preserve the sustainability of each Member Co-op Arctic Co-ops serve and support.

Our Five Pillars of Performance are: People, Financial, Market, Social and Operations.


This is Arctic Co-ops  34th  annual trade show! From humble beginnings to over $11.8 million spent at the 2023 trade show we continue to grow and expand annually serving and supporting over 30 member co-ops.

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