Arctic Co-operatives Limited (Arctic Co-ops) strives to create an inclusive and respectful environment whether in the workplace or at any of its off-site events. These rules are to ensure we have a successful show!

Exhibitors approved by Arctic Co-ops for the Trade Show (Exhibitors) are required to abide by all rules established by Arctic Co-ops. Exhibitors agree to abide by rules adopted by Arctic Co-ops, and Arctic Co-ops shall have the final decision in adopting any rules deemed necessary prior to, during and after the trade show.

Exhibitors agree to comply with all applicable privacy laws, including the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act, as amended or restated (Privacy Laws) and particularly in respect to any personal information about an identifiable individual collected, used or disclosed during or in connection with the trade show.

Exhibitors in attendance at the Arctic Co-ops trade show who violate these rules are subject to sanctions and/or penalties, which may include but is not limited to the following:
• Ejection from the event;
• A written warning detailing the violation and kept on file with Arctic Co-ops;
• Possibly loss of attendance at future shows;

Trade Show Rules
1. Any Exhibitor product line not approved in advance by Arctic Co-ops cannot be exhibited.

2. Every registered Exhibitor must have at least one exhibitor in attendance for the entire show at their booth with the exception of set meal times.

3. Late arrival or early departure is not permitted during trade show hours.

4. No packing is permitted until the official trade show closing time.

a. At closing of Trade Show Day 2, Exhibitors must be off the show floor carpet during carpet removal or otherwise stated by Arctic Co-ops.

5. All Exhibitors, including support staff, must wear an official trade show badge at all times during the show.

6. Reasonable security shall be provided at all times on the show premises, primarily to assure public safety. Exhibitors’ property shall be placed on display at their own risk and Arctic Co-ops assumes no liability for loss of damage thereto. The Exhibitor shall assume all responsibility for loss or damage to their property due to theft, fire, flood or any other cause beyond the control of Arctic Co-ops. Exhibitors must insure goods at their own expense.

7. Upon reasonable request, Exhibitors shall provide to Arctic Co-ops a Certificate of Insurance issued by their insurance agent/broker (this Certificate is generally available at no additional cost). This Certificate must certify that the Exhibitor has General Liability Insurance that is effective between the move-in and move-out dates and that the amount of this insurance is no less than $1,000,000. Please contact your Insurance Company and request they place a “rider” on your existing policy. Exhibitors who have not supplied this Certificate upon Arctic Co-op’s request will not be allowed to move-in.

8. CASH & CARRY is prohibited.

9. Every attendee should adhere to a strict rule of professionalism and respect for fellow exhibitors, Co-op managers, show staff, venue staff and board members. Physical, written or verbal abuse, threats, and harassment will not be tolerated.

10. Exhibitors cannot submit any online orders on behalf of any Co-op staff.

11. Exhibitors are responsible for packing and labeling all booth sales. Please see attached Booth Sale and Labelling info for further details.

12. Exhibitors are responsible for discarding all materials in and around their exhibit including, but not limited to, card boxes, garbage, and packing. Boxes must be broken down before discarded. Disposal fees charged due to materials left in exhibit area passed on to Exhibitor.

13. Pursuant to the Manitoba Employment Standards Code, children under 16 years of age are not permitted on the show floor during move-in or tear down. Please also note employment regulations mandate the use of Personal Protective Equipment during all tear down and move-out activity.

14. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and save Arctic Co-ops and any of its agents, partners, employees or sponsors, harmless from any damage, liability, claim, cost or expense (including legal fees) whatsoever arising from any injury or damage to said Exhibitor, their agents, employees or invitee, or to other exhibitors or their property, and/or from any breach by said exhibitor, their agents or employees of any applicable Privacy Laws. Exhibitors shall be liable for any damages to the building or furniture and fixtures contained therein, or the approaches and entrances therein, or the approaches and entrances thereto, by virtue of the terms of this agreement. This also extends to any materials used for Arctic Co-op’s demonstration and sales activities.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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